Monday, September 20, 2010

Scrapbooking and Archival Services by Jilliene Designs

Are your precious memories being properly displayed and preserved or do you have boxes of photos in drawers, closets and basements? With each passing year, you may be forgetting some of the names, places, and stories that go along with your favorite photos.

Scrapbooks, digitizing old photos and properly archiving generations of photographs is an investment in your heritage and memories. I can scan and restore old photos and burn them to CD's, organize and create a database of those random boxes of photos in your garage or create a one-of-a-kind scrapbook for you or someone you love. There are numerous options to choose from ranging from mini brag books, 12x12 albums, organized photo boxes, archival boxes, and storage on an external hard drive to be placed in a safe deposit box.

Scrapbooks are great for general memories or can be focused on a specific event, person, activity, or relationship. Examples of specialty scrapbooks include:
  • wedding
  • new baby
  • pregnancy
  • showers
  • holidays
  • vacations
  • a school year / grade
  • sports / clubs/ hobbies
  • family
  • retirement
  • best friends/ love / "the Gang"
Your initial consultation is free. Together we review the photos and memorabilia you wish to archive and discuss your expectations and budget.* My involvement can be as in depth as you would like. I can record the details including names, dates, and those little stories that you do not want to fade away over time or simply number each photo and enter it into an excel database for you to add to at your leisure.

* The consultation can take place in person, over the phone or via email depending on your location and availability.

My goal is to create a systems that works with your budget. Some clients want the simplest of methods while others want a multi-tiered system of storage that also compliments and showcases their photos, tells their story and properly reflects their personal style. I have a large selection of sample formulas for you to browse to help you decide on your design. I can create any look you want from the newest trends in Scrapbooking to more traditional and classic approaches. For those clients that prefer not to get involved in the details, I am happy to oversee the project from beginning to end.

I have several long term clients as well as customers with smaller projects. I have done an album for a contestant on American Idol, albums for a retiring professors at Stanford and at Harvard, a 3' x 2' photo canvas and have recently been hired to make a mosaic with antique family Chine that was broken in transit.

I have a client I have been working with more than two years, digitizing, organizing and storing photos and memorabilia dating back to the late 1800's. (Well over 15,000 photos, slides and negatives have been scanned and entered into a master database with subject identifications. They are stored in a combination of archival boxes and scrapbook albums).

I have a client who is going through a divorce and both parties want their own copies of the photos. I am sorting, organizing and scanning everything and then providing each of them with a complete collection.

Outstanding references can be provided upon request.

The cost of your finished project will be based on the system you select and the amount of organization involved. Fees are are calculated on an hourly rate at $35 per hour.

Scrapbooking Portfolio

Hi there - welcome to my portfolio. I am Jilliene Isaacs, the "Creative Director" behind Jilliene Designs. I offer a variety of creative services including scrapbooking, photo organization, archiving, photo digitization, photo collage canvases, and a many other memory genres. I can work with you closely to build your own vision or you can turn the project over to me entirely. My rate is $35 per hour.

I have a great deal of respect for my client's privacy hence most of the photos above are of my own scrapbook pages and those that I received approval to post. My family is playful, silly and vibrant so my layouts are reflective of this. I also offer conservative, elegant, formal, classic, gender specific and other tones as per your direction. Please contact me via email or by telephone at (408) 656-3522 for more information or to make an appointment for a consultation.